A year that passed……….

Well another year has gone by…..gee time flies when you are having fun! A busy year has come across my place whether it has been making jewellery or injuring myself. (For those who don’t know I have a history of injuring myself) At the sLKDesignstart of LAST year came I was in Bright and I was floating down the river and landed on a rock injuring my coccyx’s and some discs in my back and I have been to numerous appointments with people who have all told me different things. Then at the end of last year on New Years Eve I injured it again!! (At the same place mind you) Anyway I would like to thank everyone who has bought my products last year and I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year! I have enjoyed making designs and I will continue to do so. Here is what I have done during the past year!


Laura Xx


Trade Show

Over this weekend the trades show has been going on around in Melbourne. Petals and Patches has been there selling my stuff and I have a massive amount of orders. I also brought out a new collection for glasses. The reason I am posting this is because I wanted to give a massive thank you to everyone who bought my stuff or even if they complemented about it, it is much appreciated.


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More Scissor Charms!!!!!!

What a week it has been!!

School is out and it’s time to get crafty!! This week has been very busy for me as I have been making more scissor charms, (Sewing charms). New beads are now available and charms so keep your orders coming!!!! New earrings are also available which should be up very shortly!

Have a great holiday everyone!!!!!!


Craft and Quilt Fair!!

The craft and quilt fair is now on!!! Have sold a lot of my scissor charms and it has been so busy. Been on Blue Willow Cottage’s Stand and it has been frantic!!! Brought lots of beads to start making more creations! Can’t wait to see you guys there!


First Sale Ever!!

ImageToday at the Quilters Patch in Moorabbin I sold my very first designs all thanks to my mother (Petals & Patches). Which brings me to another point. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO EVERY MOTHER IN THE WORLD!!!! In the picture you will see my creations. I will be putting them up very soon. I will be making other stuff as well so keep an eye out for it!!!!